What Is Soaking in Mormonism?

Discover the controversial practice of soaking in Mormonism and its implications on religious beliefs and personal behavior.

What is Soaking?

Soaking is a controversial practice that has gained attention within the Mormon community. It involves engaging in sexual activity without thrusting, which some individuals believe allows them to abide by religious teachings while still engaging in intimate acts.

Origins of Soaking

Soaking is said to have originated among some young Mormons who wanted to explore their sexuality while adhering to strict religious guidelines. It is often seen as a loophole that allows individuals to engage in sexual activities without technically breaking the rules.

Controversy Surrounding Soaking

Many members of the Mormon community view soaking as a violation of religious principles and immoral behavior. Critics argue that it goes against the spirit of the law and promotes dishonesty and moral ambiguity.

Case Studies

  • One young couple was reportedly engaging in soaking as a way to explore their physical relationship while maintaining their religious beliefs. However, they eventually came to see the practice as a form of hypocrisy and chose to abstain from any further sexual activities.
  • Another case involved a group of teenagers who were caught soaking by their parents. The incident sparked a heated debate within the community about the boundaries of acceptable behavior.


While there are no official statistics on the prevalence of soaking within the Mormon community, anecdotal evidence suggests that it is a practice that some individuals engage in. However, the true extent of its popularity remains unknown.


Soaking is a controversial practice within the Mormon community that raises questions about the intersection of religious beliefs and personal behavior. Whether it is seen as a harmless exploration of physical intimacy or a violation of moral principles, soaking remains a topic of debate and discussion among members of the faith.

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