What is Open on Good Friday

Discover what establishments are typically open on Good Friday, from retail stores and restaurants to banks and pharmacies. Plan your day with this guide.


Good Friday is a significant day in Christian tradition, marking the crucifixion of Jesus Christ. While it is a solemn holiday for many, not everything comes to a halt on this day. Here’s a look at what establishments are typically open on Good Friday.

Retail Stores

Many retail stores choose to remain open on Good Friday, offering special sales and promotions to attract shoppers. This is especially true for stores that sell Easter-related items, such as chocolates, decorations, and gifts.


Restaurants often stay open on Good Friday to cater to those who prefer to dine out instead of cooking at home. Some restaurants may even offer special holiday menus or deals to celebrate the occasion.


While some banks may be closed on Good Friday, many branches choose to remain open for limited hours to serve customers’ needs. It is advisable to check with your specific bank for their operating hours on this day.


Pharmacies are typically open on Good Friday to provide essential services to the community. They may have reduced hours, so it’s a good idea to plan ahead if you need to pick up any medications or health supplies.

Public Transportation

Public transportation systems often run on a modified schedule on Good Friday. While some routes may have reduced service or be suspended altogether, certain modes of transportation, such as buses and trains, are usually still operational to accommodate commuters.


Supermarkets are typically open on Good Friday, although they may have shorter operating hours compared to normal days. This allows shoppers to stock up on groceries and supplies for the Easter weekend celebrations.

Entertainment Venues

Many entertainment venues, such as movie theaters, museums, and amusement parks, may also be open on Good Friday. This provides families and individuals with options for fun activities during the holiday.


While Good Friday is a day of reflection and spiritual observance for many, there are still various establishments and services that operate as usual. Whether you need to run errands, dine out, or enjoy some entertainment, you can find options available to you on this holiday.

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