What Is Opps Slang For

Discover the meaning and usage of the slang term ‘opps’ in hip-hop culture, social media, and everyday language. Explore examples and differences between opps and ops.

What Does Opps Mean in Slang

Opps is a popular slang term used in social media, particularly by younger generations. It is derived from the word ‘opposition’ and is often used to refer to rivals or enemies. However, the meaning of opps can vary depending on the context in which it is used.

Opps in Hip-Hop Culture

In hip-hop culture, opps refers to one’s enemies or competitors. It is often used in lyrics by rappers to express their disdain for those who oppose them. For example, in the song ‘The Story of Adidon’ by Pusha T, he mentions ‘the opps who hated’ him.

Opps in Social Media

On social media platforms like Twitter and Instagram, opps is commonly used to refer to people who are not on good terms with each other. It can be used playfully to call out friends or used more seriously to address real-life conflicts.

Opps vs Ops

It is important to note the difference between opps and ops. Ops is a slang term that originated in Chicago and is used to refer to one’s close friends or associates. On the other hand, opps are the opposite – they are rivals or enemies.

Opps in Everyday Language

Outside of hip-hop culture and social media, the term opps is not as commonly used. However, it has made its way into mainstream language, especially among younger demographics. It is often used to add a sense of slang and informality to conversations.

Examples of Opps in Pop Culture

  • Drake’s song ‘War’ includes the lyrics ‘Frozen like Ontario, yeah, I’m from the O, n***a.’
  • Rapper 6ix9ine frequently uses the term opps in his music and social media posts.
  • The television show ‘Power’ features characters who are constantly dealing with opps in their criminal enterprises.

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