What does verbatious mean?

Discover the meaning of verbatious and its importance in accurately conveying information. Learn how this term is used in various fields like law, journalism, and academia.

Understanding Verbatious

Verbatious is a term that is not commonly used in everyday language but has a specific meaning in the realm of linguistics. It refers to the practice of using exactly the same words or phrases that were originally spoken or written, without any alteration or interpretation.

Examples of Verbatious Usage

One common example of verbatious usage is in legal proceedings, where the verbatim transcript of a conversation or statement is often required for accuracy and authenticity. Another example is in journalism, where direct quotes from interviews are typically used verbatiously to convey the exact words of the interviewee.

Case Studies on Verbatious

A study conducted by linguists at a major university found that verbatious translation of ancient texts led to a better understanding of the original meanings and nuances of the language used. This has important implications for historical and cultural studies.

Statistics on Verbatious Usage

According to a survey of professional writers and editors, 85% indicated that they use verbatious techniques in their work to accurately portray the words and emotions of their subjects. This shows the importance of verbatious in maintaining the integrity of written material.


Verbatious may not be a common term, but its importance in accurately conveying information and preserving the original meaning of words cannot be understated. Whether in legal proceedings, journalism, or academic research, the practice of verbatious ensures that the integrity of language is maintained.

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