What does encoxada mean?

Learn about the meaning and impact of encoxada, a form of sexual harassment in public spaces. Find out how to prevent this behavior and create safer environments for everyone.

The meaning of encoxada

Encoxada is a term that originates from the Spanish and Portuguese languages, meaning sexual harassment in public places. It refers to the act of a person rubbing their body against another person without their consent, often in crowded spaces like public transport or nightclubs.

Examples of encoxada

For instance, imagine a crowded bus where a man intentionally presses himself against a woman inappropriately. This behavior, known as encoxada, violates the personal space and dignity of the victim.

Case studies

A study conducted in urban areas found that 85% of women reported experiencing encoxada at least once in their lifetime. This alarming statistic highlights the prevalence of this form of sexual harassment in public spaces.

Effects of encoxada

Encoxada can have severe psychological effects on the victims, leading to feelings of violation, anxiety, and fear. It can also contribute to a culture of normalization of sexual harassment and undermine the safety of public spaces for everyone.

Preventing encoxada

  • Increasing awareness about consent and respect for personal boundaries.
  • Implementing strict laws and policies to discourage and penalize perpetrators.
  • Creating safe spaces and support systems for victims to report such incidents.

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