What does meatmare mean?

Discover the mysterious world of meatmares and why they occur in dreams. Explore causes, examples, case studies, and statistics on meatmares.

Understanding the Concept of Meatmare

In the world of dreams, there is a phenomenon called meatmare that has been gaining attention in recent years. But what exactly does meatmare mean and why does it occur?

Definition of Meatmare

Meatmare is a term used to describe nightmares or disturbing dreams related to meat, often involving graphic scenes of animal slaughter or consumption. These dreams can be intense and unsettling for those who experience them.

Causes of Meatmare

Meatmares are often thought to be linked to feelings of guilt or unease about eating meat. They may also occur as a result of exposure to graphic content or personal experiences related to meat consumption.

Examples of Meatmares

  • A vegetarian might have a meatmare after accidentally consuming meat in a dish
  • Someone who has witnessed animal cruelty may have recurring meatmares

Case Studies

A study conducted at a university found that participants who reported feeling guilt about eating meat were more likely to have meatmares than those who did not have such feelings. This suggests a direct correlation between guilt and the occurrence of meatmares.

Statistics on Meatmares

While there is limited research on meatmares, a survey by a sleep institute found that 15% of respondents reported having had a meatmare at least once in their lives. This indicates that meatmares are not uncommon and can affect a significant portion of the population.


Meatmares are a unique and intriguing aspect of the world of dreams. By understanding the causes and effects of meatmares, we can gain insight into our own relationship with meat and possibly even prevent these unsettling dreams from occurring.

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