What Does Skibidi Mean?

Discover the meaning behind the viral dance craze, Skibidi, and learn how to do the dance yourself. Find out why this catchy tune took the world by storm and became a global phenomenon.

What is Skibidi?

Skibidi is a popular dance move and song that originated in Russia by the band Little Big. The song was released in 2018 and quickly went viral due to its catchy tune and simple dance moves.

Meaning of Skibidi

The word ‘Skibidi’ itself doesn’t have a specific meaning in Russian. It is believed to be a made-up word that caught on due to the fun and energetic nature of the song and dance.

How to Do the Skibidi Dance

  • Start by putting your right hand on your left knee.
  • Then put your left hand on your right knee.
  • Jump to the right and then to the left while crossing your legs.
  • Move your arms up and down in a jogging motion.

Popularity of Skibidi

The Skibidi dance quickly became a worldwide phenomenon, with people all over the globe attempting their own versions of the dance. Celebrities, influencers, and even sports teams got in on the trend, posting videos of themselves doing the Skibidi dance.

Case Study: Skibidi Challenge

In 2018, the Skibidi Challenge took social media by storm, with users from all over the world posting videos of themselves doing the Skibidi dance. The challenge gained millions of views and even led to the song charting in various countries.

Fun Fact: Skibidi in the Olympics

The Skibidi dance even made an appearance at the 2020 Tokyo Olympics, with fans and athletes alike joining in on the fun. It just goes to show the universal appeal of the Skibidi dance.

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