What Does Application in Progress Mean in NSfas?

Learn what ‘application in progress’ means in NSfas and how to navigate through the process. Find out reasons for delays and what to do when your application is still pending.

Understanding NSfas Applications

NSfas (National Student Financial Aid Scheme) is a South African government entity that provides financial support to eligible students in the form of loans and bursaries. When applying for funding through NSfas, applicants may come across the term ‘application in progress’.

What Does ‘Application in Progress’ Mean?

When your NSfas application status shows as ‘application in progress’, it indicates that your application is still being reviewed and assessed by the NSfas team. This means that your application has not yet been approved or declined, and is still at the initial stage of processing.

Reasons for ‘Application in Progress’

There are several reasons why your NSfas application may be in progress:

  • Delays in processing due to high volume of applications during peak periods
  • Additional documentation or information required
  • Verification of information provided

What to Do When Your Application is in Progress?

If your NSfas application is still in progress, the best course of action is to wait patiently for a response from the NSfas team. Make sure to check your application status regularly and follow up with any requests for additional information promptly.

Case Studies

John applied for NSfas funding for his university studies. After weeks of waiting, his application status finally changed to ‘application in progress’. Despite feeling anxious, John decided to wait for a response rather than contacting NSfas immediately. Eventually, he received an approval notification and was granted the financial aid he needed.

Statistics on NSfas Applications

According to NSfas, over 400,000 applications are received each year for financial assistance. With such a high volume of applications, it is common for processing times to vary and some applications to be in progress for an extended period.

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