What Does Bottom-Bitch Mean

Discover the origins and role of a bottom-bitch in the world of organized crime. Explore famous examples and case studies of powerful women who hold this influential position.

Understanding the Term

Bottom-bitch is a term that originated in the world of organized crime and has since been adopted into mainstream slang. Essentially, a bottom-bitch is a woman who holds a position of power and influence within a criminal organization. She is often the right-hand woman to the leader of the operation and plays a crucial role in running the day-to-day activities.

History of the Term

The term bottom-bitch originated in the early 20th century and was used to refer to the top-ranking prostitute in a brothel. Over time, the term evolved to refer to any woman who held a position of power within a criminal organization.

Role of a Bottom-Bitch

A bottom-bitch is typically responsible for managing the other women in the organization, ensuring that they meet their quotas and follow the rules set by the leader. She is also in charge of collecting money and resources from clients and distributing them to the other members of the organization.

Examples of Bottom-Bitches

One famous example of a bottom-bitch is Virginia Hill, who was a key figure in the Chicago Outfit during the 1940s. She was known for her charm and intelligence, which she used to maintain control over the other members of the organization.

Case Studies

In recent years, the term bottom-bitch has been used in popular culture to refer to powerful women who hold influential positions in various industries. For example, Beyoncé has been referred to as Jay-Z’s bottom-bitch, due to her role in managing his music career and business ventures.


While there are no official statistics on the number of bottom-bitches in the world, it is clear that these women play a crucial role in the success of criminal organizations and other enterprises. Their ability to effectively manage others and make tough decisions is what sets them apart from others in their field.

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