What Does Autosexual Mean

Discover the meaning of autosexuality, a unique orientation towards oneself. Learn about types, examples, and society’s attitudes towards autosexual individuals.


Autosexuality refers to the sexual attraction and orientation towards oneself. It is a term that is gaining recognition in the LGBTQ+ community and broader society as people explore different facets of human sexuality.

Understanding Autosexuality

Autosexuality is not to be confused with narcissism or self-centeredness. It is about an individual experiencing sexual desire and arousal towards themselves, whether through thoughts, fantasies, or actions.

Types of Autosexuality

  • Autoeroticism – sexual arousal from oneself without the need for external stimuli
  • Autosexual – exclusive sexual attraction to oneself
  • Autoandrophilia – a term used mainly in the context of transgender individuals who are sexually attracted to the idea of themselves as men

Autosexuals in Society

Autosexuals may face stigma or misunderstanding from society that may minimize or negate their identity. However, with increasing awareness and acceptance of diverse sexual orientations, autosexuality is slowly gaining recognition as a valid orientation.

Case Studies

One example is Lila, a 25-year-old woman who identifies as autosexual. She describes feeling a deep sense of fulfillment and satisfaction from exploring her sexuality within herself. Lila emphasizes that autosexuality for her is a positive and affirming aspect of her identity.


While there are no specific statistics on autosexuality, surveys on self-pleasure and self-love indicate a growing trend towards individuals exploring their own bodies and desires. This shift in attitudes towards self-acceptance and empowerment may contribute to the increasing visibility of autosexuality.


Autosexuality is a part of the diverse spectrum of human sexuality that deserves understanding and respect. As society continues to evolve in its acceptance of different sexual orientations, autosexual individuals can find validation and support in being true to themselves.

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