What Does Autosexual Mean Urban Dictionary

Discover what autosexual means according to urban dictionary, its implications, and examples. Explore the concept of self-love and sexual desire in a new light.


Autosexuality is a term that has gained popularity in recent years, especially in online communities and urban dictionary. This article aims to explore what autosexual means according to urban dictionary, its implications, and examples.

Defining Autosexual

Urban dictionary defines autosexual as an individual who is sexually attracted to themselves. It refers to someone who finds pleasure and fulfillment in their own physical appearance and experiences sexual arousal from self-admiration.

Implications of Autosexuality

Autosexuality challenges traditional notions of sexual orientation and identities. It blurs the lines between self-love and sexual desire, leading to a deeper understanding of individual preferences and desires.

Examples of Autosexual Behavior

  • Taking intimate photos or videos of oneself for sexual gratification
  • Enjoying solo sexual activities without the need for a partner
  • Engaging in self-care routines and rituals that involve self-pleasure

Case Studies on Autosexuality

Research studies have shown that autosexual individuals often have a strong sense of self-love and confidence. They prioritize their own needs and desires, leading to a healthier relationship with themselves and others.

Statistics on Autosexuality

While there is limited data on autosexuality specifically, a growing number of individuals have identified themselves as autosexual or have experienced autosexual tendencies. This suggests that autosexuality is a valid and recognized aspect of human sexuality.


Autosexuality is a complex and diverse phenomenon that challenges traditional ideas of sexual orientation. Understanding and respecting the experiences of autosexual individuals can lead to a more inclusive and accepting society.

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