criminal definition

  • adjective:
    • Of, concerning, or having the nature of criminal activity: criminal abuse.
    • regarding the management of penal legislation.
    • Guilty of criminal activity.
    • Characteristic of a criminal.
    • Shameful; disgraceful: a criminal waste of talent.
    • Being unlawful; prohibited by law.
    • Guilty of breaking what the law states.
    • Of or relating to criminal activity.
    • Abhorrent or very unwelcome, even if permitted by law.
    • Of or concerning criminal activity control, particularly penal legislation.
    • Guilty of crime or sin.
    • concerning a crime; associated with nature of a crime; -- said of an act or of conduct.
    • concerning criminal activity; -- opposed to municipal.
    • bad of crime or really serious offense
    • concerning or becoming or having the nature of a crime
    • taking or deserving extreme rebuke or censure
  • noun:
    • the one that has committed or already been lawfully found guilty of a crime.
    • an individual who is responsible of a crime, particularly breaking the law.
    • One who has actually commited a crime; specially, one that is available guilty by decision, confession, or evidence; a malefactor; a felon.
    • A person who has committed a punishable offense against general public legislation; even more specially, one found guilty of a punishable general public offense on evidence or confession.
    • Synonyms Culprit, malefactor,evil-doer, transgressor, felon, convict.
    • anyone who has dedicated a crime or has been legitimately found guilty of a crime
  • others:
    • Of or with respect to crime; associated with crime; having to do with crime or its discipline: because, a criminal activity or situation; a criminal phrase; a criminal signal; unlawful law; a criminal lawyer.
    • for the nature of crime; marked by or concerning crime; punishable by law, divine or person: as, theft is a criminal work.
    • Guilty of criminal activity; connected with or involved with committing criminal activity.
    • fees of offense contrary to the community law of the condition or nation, as distinguished from violations of municipal or neighborhood ordinances.
    • Synonyms Illegal, Criminal, Felonious, Sinful, Immoral, Wicked, Iniquitous, Depraved, Dissolute, Vicious, agree in characterizing an act as contrary to legislation, municipal or moral. All except unlawful and felonious are also applicable to individuals, ideas, character, etc. Illegal is just that which just isn't allowed by man law, or perhaps is vitiated by lack of compliance with appropriate types: as, an illegal election. It implies punishment only remotely, if. Criminal applies to transgressions of peoples law, with especial mention of punishment. Felonious applies to that which is intentionally done in the consciousness it is a crime; its various other utilizes tend to be nearly or very outdated. Sinful in addition to words that abide by it mark transgression of this divine or ethical law. Sinful cannot admit the concept that there surely is a moral legislation individual from the divine will, but is especially expressive of “any wish of conformity unto, or transgression of, the might of Jesus” (Shorter Catechism, Q. 14). As a result, it pertains to ideas, feelings, desires, character, while real human legislation looks any further back of activity rather than intent (since, a criminal intention), and tries to deal only with acts. Hence, though all men are sinful, each one is perhaps not criminal. Immoral stands over against sinful in emphasizing the idea of a moral legislation, besides the question for the divine will; its most typical application should transgressions of moral code in regards to the indulgence of lust. Wicked bears the same regards to ethical law that felonious bears to civil law; the wicked man does incorrect wilfully and knowingly, and generally his conduct is extremely wrong. Iniquitous is wicked in terms of other individuals' liberties, and grossly unjust: because, a most iniquitous proceeding. Depraved suggests a fall from a far better character, not just into wickedness, but into these types of corruption that person delights in bad for its own benefit. Dissolute, actually, set free or released, conveys the type, life, etc., of 1 who throws off all moral responsibility. Vicious, starting with the notion of being addicted to vice, has a wide range of definition, from cross to wicked; it will be the just one of these words which may be applied to creatures. See criminal activity, atrocious, nefarious, and irreligious.

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