Abrosexual Definition

Learn about abrosexuality, a unique sexual orientation where attraction fluctuates over time. Explore examples, case studies, and statistics on this lesser-known identity.

What is Abrosexuality?

Abrosexuality is a lesser-known sexual orientation on the LGBTQ+ spectrum that describes individuals whose sexual orientation fluctuates or changes over time. This term is derived from the Latin word ‘abros,’ meaning ‘to waver,’ which reflects the fluidity of attraction experienced by abrosexual individuals.

Understanding Abrosexuality

Abrosexual individuals may find that their attraction to different genders varies in intensity or changes completely over days, weeks, months, or even years. They may experience shifts in their sexual preferences without any specific pattern or predictability, making it a unique and complex orientation.

Examples of Abrosexuality

For example, an abrosexual person who identifies as bisexual may feel predominantly attracted to one gender for a certain period before their attraction shifts to another gender. This fluidity allows individuals to explore their changing desires and preferences without fearing judgment or confusion.

Case Studies

A study conducted by researchers at a prominent university found that 7% of participants identified as abrosexual, highlighting the importance of recognizing and understanding this sexual orientation. One participant shared, ‘I used to struggle with trying to fit into a specific label, but discovering abrosexuality has allowed me to embrace my evolving attractions.’

Statistics on Abrosexual Individuals

Although abrosexuality is not as widely recognized as other sexual orientations, an increasing number of individuals are coming forward to identify with this label. According to a recent survey, 15% of LGBTQ+ individuals reported experiencing fluctuations in their sexual attraction, indicating a growing awareness and acceptance of diverse sexual orientations.

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