Autosexual Definition

Discover the world of autosexuality, where individuals find pleasure in being alone and prioritize self-love. Learn about characteristics, examples, case studies, and statistics.


Autosexuality is a term that refers to an individual who is primarily attracted to themselves and finds pleasure in being alone. This unique orientation has gained more attention in recent years as people explore different forms of sexuality and self-love.

What is Autosexuality?

Autosexual individuals are those who prioritize their own pleasure and satisfaction above seeking out a partner or engaging in sexual activities with others. They are content with their own company and often find fulfillment in self-pleasure and self-exploration.

Characteristics of Autosexuality

  • Strong sense of self-love and confidence
  • Enjoyment of solo activities
  • Preference for self-pleasure over partner-based sexual activities

Examples of Autosexual Behavior

Autosexual individuals may spend hours indulging in self-care routines, such as taking long baths, meditating, or practicing yoga. They may also enjoy exploring their own bodies through self-pleasure techniques without the need for external stimuli.

Case Studies

One case study of autosexuality involves a woman who discovered her preference for self-love after several failed relationships. She realized that she felt the most fulfilled when she could focus on her own pleasure and satisfaction without relying on a partner for validation.

Statistics on Autosexuality

While there is limited research on autosexuality specifically, studies on self-love and solo sexual activities have shown that more people are embracing the idea of being comfortable with themselves. This can include practicing self-love through masturbation, self-care routines, and self-exploration.


Autosexuality is a unique and valid form of sexuality that centers around self-love and self-pleasure. As society becomes more accepting of diverse sexual orientations, autosexual individuals are finding the space to embrace their preferences without judgment. It is essential to respect and celebrate the autonomy and choices of all individuals, including those who identify as autosexual.

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