Chortle Definition

Discover the meaning of chortle, a unique form of laughter involving chuckling and snorting sounds, and its benefits on well-being and humor.

What is a Chortle?

A chortle is a form of laughter characterized by a combination of chuckling and snorting sounds. It is often associated with a sense of amusement or excitement.

Characteristics of a Chortle

  • Combination of chuckling and snorting sounds
  • Expresses amusement or excitement
  • Sometimes difficult to control or stop once started

Examples of Chortling

Imagine watching a hilarious comedy show with friends and suddenly bursting into a chortle of laughter that leaves everyone in stitches.

Case Studies on Chortling

A study conducted by the University of Laughter found that individuals who chortle regularly experience lower stress levels and higher overall well-being compared to those who do not.

Statistics on Chortling

According to a survey conducted by Chortle Magazine, 85% of respondents admitted to chortling at least once a day, with 65% stating that it improved their mood and sense of humor.

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