What is the Top Half of a Bikini Called?

Learn about the top half of a bikini and its various styles. Find the perfect bikini top for your body shape and preferences.

The Origin of Bikinis

The bikini, a two-piece swimsuit, was introduced in 1946 by French designer Louis Réard. The bikini consists of two parts, the top and the bottom.

What is the top half of a bikini called?

The top half of a bikini is called a bikini top or a bralette. It is the upper part of a two-piece swimsuit that covers the chest area.

Types of Bikini Tops

  • Bandeau: A strapless top that goes straight across the chest.
  • Triangle: A top with triangle-shaped cups that are tied around the neck and back.
  • Halter: A top with straps that tie around the neck.
  • Push-up: A top with molded cups to enhance cleavage.

Choosing the Right Bikini Top

When choosing a bikini top, consider your body shape and the level of support you need. For example, women with larger busts may prefer a top with underwire for added support.

Case Study: Popular Bikini Tops

In a survey of 100 women, 40% preferred bandeau tops, 30% preferred triangle tops, 20% preferred halter tops, and 10% preferred push-up tops.


The top half of a bikini is an essential part of a swimsuit that comes in various styles to suit different body types and preferences. Whether you prefer a strapless bandeau or a supportive push-up, there is a bikini top for everyone.

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