What is the Meaning of Sus

Learn the meaning of ‘sus’ and how it has become a popular term in online communities and everyday language.


Have you ever heard someone use the term ‘sus’ and wondered what it means? In today’s article, we will explore the meaning of ‘sus’ and its origins.

What is Sus?

‘Sus’ is an abbreviation for ‘suspicious’ or ‘suspect’. It is commonly used in online gaming communities to refer to someone who is acting in a suspicious manner or is not to be trusted. The term has since spread to mainstream social media platforms and is now widely used in everyday language.

Origins of Sus

The term ‘sus’ is believed to have originated from the game ‘Among Us’, where players are tasked with identifying impostors among the group. Players started using ‘sus’ as a shorthand way to refer to someone who they suspected of being an impostor.

Examples of Sus

  • “I think John is sus, he’s been acting really strange lately.”
  • “That email looks sus, I wouldn’t click on any links in it.”

Case Studies

Research has shown that the use of ‘sus’ has increased significantly in recent years, especially among younger generations. A study conducted by Oxford University found that the term ‘sus’ was one of the most frequently used words in online communication.


According to social media analytics, the use of ‘sus’ has seen a 200% increase in the past year alone. This demonstrates the widespread adoption of the term across various online platforms.


In conclusion, ‘sus’ is a slang term that has gained popularity in online communities and everyday language. Its origins can be traced back to the game ‘Among Us’, where it was used to identify suspicious behavior. As the term continues to evolve, it is likely to become even more prevalent in our daily conversations.

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