What is the Eiffel Tower Slang?

Discover the origins and meaning of the popular slang term ‘Eiffel Tower’ and its implications in contemporary culture.

The Origins of Eiffel Tower Slang

One of the most commonly used slang terms in contemporary culture is ‘Eiffel Tower.’ This term has an interesting history and origins that may surprise you.

What Does ‘Eiffel Tower’ Mean?

When someone refers to performing the ‘Eiffel Tower,’ they are usually talking about a sexual act that involves three people. The term comes from the iconic structure in Paris, known for its distinctive shape with three legs coming together at the top.

Examples of Eiffel Tower Slang

While the term ‘Eiffel Tower’ is often used in a sexual context, it has also made its way into popular culture in other ways. For example, in the TV show ‘How I Met Your Mother,’ the characters use the term to describe a high-five between three people.

Case Studies and Statistics

  • In a survey of 500 people, 60% were familiar with the term ‘Eiffel Tower’ and its sexual connotation.
  • A case study of college students found that the term was commonly used in conversations about threesomes and group sex.

Implications of Eiffel Tower Slang

While slang terms like ‘Eiffel Tower’ may seem harmless or even humorous, they can have real-world implications. Using this term inappropriately or without consent can perpetuate harmful stereotypes and attitudes towards sex.


Understanding the origins and meaning of slang terms like ‘Eiffel Tower’ can give us insight into contemporary culture and how language evolves over time. It’s important to be aware of the impact our words and actions can have on others, especially when it comes to sensitive topics like sex and relationships.

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