What is Roman Empire Slang

Discover the hidden world of Roman Empire slang with colorful examples and insights into its origins and usage. Explore the linguistic fusion that shaped everyday conversations in ancient Rome.


When we think of the Roman Empire, we often envision grandeur, conquests, and emperors. However, the Romans also had their own unique language filled with slang terms that reflected their everyday lives and interactions. Let’s explore what Roman Empire slang was all about.

Origins of Roman Empire Slang

Roman Empire slang was a product of the diverse cultures that made up the empire. It incorporated elements from Latin, Greek, and other languages spoken across the vast territories controlled by Rome. This linguistic fusion gave rise to a colorful array of slang terms that were used in daily conversations.

Examples of Roman Empire Slang

  • Amator – This slang term referred to a lover or someone who engaged in romantic affairs.

  • Emporium – In Roman slang, this word meant a market or a place of trade.

  • Furcifer – This term was used to describe someone who was a scoundrel or a troublemaker.

Case Studies

Recent archaeological discoveries have shed light on how Roman slang was used in everyday contexts. Inscriptions on Pompeii walls have revealed graffiti with slang terms, providing insights into the language of the common people.

Statistics on Roman Empire Slang

There are over 500 documented slang terms from the Roman Empire, showcasing the richness and diversity of the language used by the ancient Romans.


Exploring Roman Empire slang offers a fascinating glimpse into the everyday lives of the ancient Romans. These slang terms reveal a more informal and colloquial side of Roman society that is often overlooked in historical narratives.

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