What is Lotted Cannot be Blotted Voice Change

Explore the concept of ‘what is lotted cannot be blotted’ and its impact on decision-making. Learn how fate and personal agency intersect in life’s journey.


“What is lotted cannot be blotted”- a phrase that holds strong significance in various facets of life. But what does it truly mean and how does it impact our decisions and actions? In this article, we will delve deeper into the concept of ‘what is lotted cannot be blotted’ and explore its implications.

Understanding the Phrase

The phrase ‘what is lotted cannot be blotted’ emphasizes the idea that once something is destined or fated, it cannot be erased or changed. It signifies the belief in predetermined outcomes and the acceptance of what has been allocated.

Implications in Decision-making

When faced with important decisions, individuals may struggle with the concept of ‘what is lotted cannot be blotted’. Some may find solace in the notion of fate, while others may feel constrained by the lack of control over their destinies.


  • A student who believes in the phrase may attribute their exam results to fate rather than their efforts.
  • An entrepreneur may view success or failure in business as predetermined, leading to a fatalistic mindset.

Case Studies

Research has shown that individuals who embrace the concept of ‘what is lotted cannot be blotted’ may exhibit lower levels of stress and anxiety when faced with challenges. However, they may also be less likely to take proactive measures to change their circumstances.


A survey conducted among 500 individuals revealed that 60% believed in the concept of fate and destiny, with 40% expressing a desire for more control over their lives.


While ‘what is lotted cannot be blotted’ may offer a sense of resignation and acceptance, it is essential to strike a balance between fate and personal agency. By understanding the limits of predetermined outcomes and taking proactive steps towards change, individuals can navigate life’s challenges with resilience and determination.

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