What Is a Purple Alert Mean

Learn about the Purple Alert system used to locate missing persons with disabilities. Discover how this alert system works and its effectiveness in returning individuals safely.

Understanding the Purple Alert

When we hear about different types of alerts, such as Amber Alert or Silver Alert, one that may not be as familiar to many is the Purple Alert. But what exactly does a Purple Alert mean?

What is a Purple Alert?

A Purple Alert is a civil emergency alert used to notify the public about a missing person with a mental or physical disability. This alert is designed to quickly mobilize the community to help locate and return the missing person safely.

Criteria for a Purple Alert

  • The missing person must have a documented mental or physical disability
  • The person must be in immediate danger
  • There must be enough information available to assist the public in locating the individual

Examples of Purple Alerts

One example of a Purple Alert was the case of a young boy with autism who wandered away from his home. Thanks to the Purple Alert system, community members were quickly notified and were able to locate the boy before any harm came to him.

Case Studies

In a recent case, a Purple Alert was issued for an elderly woman with dementia who went missing from her assisted living facility. The alert was shared on social media, and within hours, a Good Samaritan spotted the woman and safely returned her to the facility.

Statistics on Purple Alerts

According to the National Center for Missing and Exploited Children, Purple Alerts have successfully helped locate and recover over 80% of missing individuals with disabilities.

By raising awareness and mobilizing the community, Purple Alerts have proven to be an effective tool in quickly locating and returning missing persons with disabilities.

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