What is a Prayer Wheel

Discover the mystical world of prayer wheels and how they can bring peace and harmony into your life. Learn about the history, benefits, and significance of using a prayer wheel in your spiritual practice.


A prayer wheel is a cylindrical object made of metal, wood, or other materials, often adorned with sacred symbols and mantras. It is used in various religious practices, particularly in Tibetan Buddhism, to accumulate positive karma and purify negative energies.


The prayer wheel originated in India around 400 AD and was later introduced to Tibet by the great Buddhist master Padmasambhava. It has since become an integral part of Tibetan culture and spiritual traditions.

How it Works

Inside the prayer wheel, there is a scroll with sacred prayers written on it. When the wheel is spun in a clockwise direction, it is believed that the prayers are disseminated into the universe, benefitting all sentient beings.


  • Accumulation of positive karma
  • Purification of negative energies
  • Bringing peace and harmony

Case Studies

In a study conducted at a Tibetan monastery, participants who regularly spun prayer wheels reported lower stress levels and increased feelings of inner peace and well-being.


According to a survey, 85% of Tibetan Buddhists use prayer wheels as part of their daily spiritual practice.


A prayer wheel is not just a religious object but a powerful tool for spiritual growth and inner transformation. By incorporating it into our daily lives, we can cultivate compassion, kindness, and positivity.

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