What is a Pimp?

Learn about the dark world of pimps, their tactics, and the exploitation of vulnerable individuals. Discover how to identify signs of pimp control and ways to support victims. Find out more in this informative article.


A pimp is an individual who controls prostitutes and profits from their work by taking a portion of their earnings in exchange for providing them with protection, transportation, and other resources. Pimps operate within the underground world of prostitution and often use manipulation and coercion tactics to control their victims.

Types of Pimps

  • Organized Crime Pimps: These pimps are part of larger criminal organizations and use violence and intimidation to maintain control over their stable of prostitutes.
  • Independent Pimps: These pimps work on their own and may have a smaller number of prostitutes under their control. They may use a combination of charm and manipulation to keep their victims in line.

Signs of Pimp Control

There are several signs that a person is being controlled by a pimp, including:

  • Being constantly monitored or accompanied by someone else.
  • Having limited access to money or resources.
  • Showing signs of physical or emotional abuse.

Case Study: The Story of Sarah

Sarah was a young woman who fell victim to a pimp at the age of 18. She was lured into the world of prostitution with promises of wealth and security, only to find herself trapped in a cycle of abuse and manipulation. Her pimp controlled every aspect of her life, from where she lived to how much money she made. It took years of therapy and support for Sarah to finally break free from her pimp’s control.

Statistics on Pimping

According to a study conducted by the Urban Institute, there are an estimated 14,500 to 17,500 people trafficked into the United States each year for the purposes of commercial sexual exploitation. Of these individuals, a significant number are controlled by pimps who profit from their exploitation.


Overall, pimps are individuals who exploit vulnerable individuals for profit in the underground world of prostitution. By understanding the signs of pimp control and providing support to victims, we can work towards eliminating this form of exploitation.

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