What is a Cougar Slang

Learn more about the modern slang term ‘cougar’ and its implications for relationships between older women and younger men.


In modern slang, a ‘cougar’ refers to an older woman who is romantically interested in younger men. This term has gained popularity in recent years and is often used to describe confident and independent women who are unapologetically pursuing relationships with younger partners.

Origin of the Term

The term ‘cougar’ originated in the 2000s and was popularized by shows like ‘Sex and the City’ and ‘Cougar Town’. It is derived from the predatory nature of cougars in the wild, as older women are seen as ‘hunting’ younger men.

Characteristics of a Cougar

  • Confident
  • Independent
  • Financially stable
  • Sensual
  • Experienced

Examples of Famous Cougars

Some famous cougars include Madonna, Demi Moore, and Jennifer Lopez. These women have been in relationships with younger men and have embraced their cougar status.

Case Studies

A study conducted by the University of Texas found that older women who date younger men often have higher self-esteem and body confidence. These relationships are also seen as empowering for both parties involved.


According to a survey by CougarLife.com, 38% of women over 40 are interested in dating younger men. This shows that the cougar phenomenon is on the rise and is becoming more socially accepted.


In conclusion, the term ‘cougar’ slang refers to an older woman who is confident, independent, and interested in dating younger men. This trend is becoming more popular and is changing the way we perceive age and relationships.

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