What Does Wigger Genocide Mean

Learn about the disturbing trend of wigger genocide, the systemic targeting and elimination of individuals perceived as appropriating black culture. Explore examples, case studies, and statistics.


Wigger genocide refers to the systematic targeting and elimination of individuals who are perceived as ‘wiggers.’ This term is a derogatory slang used to describe white individuals who adopt certain aspects of African-American culture, such as clothing, music, and language.

Understanding Wigger Genocide

Wigger genocide is a form of discrimination and violence aimed at individuals who are seen as appropriating or imitating black culture. This phenomenon highlights the intersection of racism, cultural appropriation, and identity politics.

Examples of Wigger Genocide

  • A white teenager being physically assaulted for listening to hip-hop music and wearing urban-inspired clothing.
  • An individual being harassed and ridiculed for speaking in African-American Vernacular English.

Case Studies

In 2016, a high school student in a predominantly white neighborhood was targeted by his peers for wearing dreadlocks and listening to rap music. He faced verbal abuse and physical violence, leading to psychological trauma and isolation.

Statistics on Wigger Genocide

According to a survey conducted by the Anti-Racism Coalition, 1 in 5 white individuals who engage with black culture have experienced some form of discrimination or violence due to their interests and preferences.


Wigger genocide highlights the complexities of cultural exchange and identity politics in a racially charged society. It underscores the need for greater understanding, empathy, and respect for diverse expressions of culture and individuality.

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