What Does Who You Might Know on Instagram Mean

Discover who you might know on Instagram and how it can help you connect with friends, expand your network, and discover influencers and brands. Personalized recommendations await!


Instagram has become a powerful social media platform, not just for sharing photos and videos but also for connecting with people. One feature of Instagram that users often come across is the ‘Who You Might Know’ section, which suggests accounts that you may be familiar with. But what does it really mean?

Connecting with Friends and Family

One of the main reasons why Instagram suggests accounts in the ‘Who You Might Know’ section is to help you connect with friends and family. By recommending accounts of people you may know in real life, Instagram makes it easier for you to follow and interact with them on the platform.

Expanding Your Network

Aside from reconnecting with people you already know, the ‘Who You Might Know’ feature can also help you expand your network. You may come across accounts of mutual friends, colleagues, or acquaintances, giving you the opportunity to connect with new people who share similar interests.

Discovering Influencers and Brands

In addition to personal connections, Instagram may suggest accounts of influencers and brands that align with your interests and preferences. This can introduce you to new content creators and products that you might be interested in following or purchasing.

Examples and Case Studies

For example, if you follow a popular fashion blogger on Instagram, the platform may suggest accounts of other fashion bloggers, brands, or influencers that are relevant to your interests. This can help you discover new content and trends within the fashion industry.

  • Case Study: A user who follows fitness influencers on Instagram may see recommendations for other fitness personalities, gym brands, and health supplements that they might be interested in exploring.
  • Case Study: An artist who follows galleries and art collectors may receive suggestions for other artists, art events, and creative organizations to connect with on Instagram.

Statistics on Instagram Recommendations

According to Instagram, the ‘Who You Might Know’ feature is based on a variety of factors, including mutual followers, contacts synced from your phone or email, and your browsing behavior on the platform. As a result, the recommendations are personalized to each user’s preferences and connections.

  • Statistics: Over 70% of Instagram users follow a business on the platform, indicating a high level of engagement with brands and influencers through recommendations.
  • Statistics: The average Instagram user spends around 53 minutes per day on the platform, making it a key channel for discovering new content and connections.

In conclusion, the ‘Who You Might Know’ feature on Instagram offers users the chance to connect with friends, discover new accounts, and explore content that aligns with their interests. By understanding how these recommendations work, users can make the most of their Instagram experience and build a diverse network of connections.

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