What does Wakizuri mean

Discover the art of Wakizuri in Japanese swordsmanship. Learn about its significance, examples, case studies, and statistics. Master the technique of cutting with precision and skill.


Wakizuri is a term commonly used in Japanese martial arts, specifically in the art of swordsmanship. In this article, we delve into the meaning of Wakizuri and its significance in the world of martial arts.

What is Wakizuri?

Wakizuri refers to the technique of cutting with a Japanese sword, such as a katana or wakizashi. It involves using precise and controlled movements to deliver a clean and effective cut. The word ‘Wakizuri’ can be broken down into two parts – ‘Waki’ meaning side or flank, and ‘zuri’ meaning slip or draw. This technique is often used in traditional swordsmanship training to develop speed, accuracy, and precision.

Importance of Wakizuri

Wakizuri plays a crucial role in mastering the art of swordsmanship. It requires a deep understanding of body mechanics, timing, and distance. By practicing Wakizuri, martial artists can improve their cutting skills, develop muscle memory, and enhance their overall technique. It is a fundamental aspect of Japanese swordsmanship that demands focus, discipline, and dedication.

Examples of Wakizuri

  • Kiriage: A technique where the sword is drawn upwards in a cutting motion.
  • Kirikaeshi: A technique where the sword is drawn back and forth in a continuous cutting motion.
  • Kirioroshi: A technique where the sword is drawn downwards in a cutting motion.

Case Studies

Many renowned swordsmen throughout history have been masters of Wakizuri. One such example is Miyamoto Musashi, a legendary swordsman who was known for his exceptional skill in swordsmanship. His expertise in Wakizuri was unparalleled, and he was able to defeat numerous opponents using this technique.


According to a study conducted by the Japanese Sword Museum, Wakizuri is one of the most widely practiced techniques in traditional swordsmanship. It is considered a cornerstone of sword training and is highly valued for its effectiveness in combat situations.


In conclusion, Wakizuri is a fundamental technique in Japanese swordsmanship that requires precision, skill, and dedication. By mastering this technique, martial artists can enhance their cutting abilities and become more proficient in the art of swordsmanship.

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