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(n) A rich watered silk.
(n) A fabric of simple weave.
(n) A domestic pet with a striped or brindled coating of a gray or tawny shade.
(a) Having light and dark striped markings: a tabby pet.
(a) manufactured from or resembling watered silk.
(a) Having a wavy or watered look; since, a tabby waistcoat.
(v) To water; to cause to check wavy, because of the process of calendering; to calender
Made of or resembling the material tabby; diversified to look at or shade like tabby.
Performed like in making the basic material from where tabby is created: said of weaving.
resulting in to appear like tabby, or watered silk; give a wavy look to, as stuffs: because, to tabby silk, mohair, ribbon, etc. This is accomplished by the use of a calender without water.

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a tremendously loving and honest woman. She is always up for fun but really serious in correct situations. Shes constantly searching gorgours and is ideal person to be around. She will cheer you up whenever your down and is a best friend variety of woman. Shes exceptionally smart however skilled. Shes pretty and contains a sparkly character. by Jennie MylesReport definition
a really beautiful pet breed,especially the gold ones.The brown ones tend to be a little ugly. by CorneliusReport definition
a soon become fan by Isabelle MusanteReport definition
Insane, crazy, unstable by Armando NoyolaReport definition
somebody who will eat such a thing and anyone.If things go lacking it will likely be Tabby's fault. by Eva ValerioReport definition
A large turd. by Lashawna PierpontReport definition

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  • Sentence for "tabby"
  • Synonym for "tabby"
    • brindled, water, calender, old woman
  • Verb Forms for "tabby"
    • tabbied, tabbies, tabbying
  • Phrases for "tabby"
    • tubby tabby, single tabby, tabby took, a tabby
  • Rhyme for "tabby"
    • Abbey, Abbie, Abby, Abie, Gabby
  • Hypernym for "tabby"
    • felis catus, felis domesticus, house cat, domestic cat
  • Equivalent for "tabby"
    • patterned
  • Form for "tabby"
    • tabbied, tabbying
  • Same Context for "tabby"
    • Maltese, crĂȘpe, weasel-like, tortoise-shell, bright-coloured
  • Variant for "tabby"
    • watered silk
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