What Does Super Tuesday Mean

Learn about the significance of Super Tuesday in the US presidential primary elections and how it can make or break a candidate’s campaign.


Super Tuesday is a crucial day in the United States presidential primary election process. It is a day when multiple states hold their nominating contests, all on the same day. This day typically falls in early March and plays a significant role in determining the eventual nominees for the major political parties.

Significance of Super Tuesday

Super Tuesday is important because it offers a large number of delegates that candidates can win. Delegates are individuals who represent their state at the national party convention and ultimately decide who the party’s nominee will be. Winning a significant number of delegates on Super Tuesday can propel a candidate towards securing the nomination.

History of Super Tuesday

The concept of Super Tuesday was first introduced in 1988, when a group of southern states coordinated their primary dates to have a bigger impact on the nomination process. Since then, Super Tuesday has evolved to include a diverse group of states from different regions of the country.

Examples of Super Tuesday

In recent years, Super Tuesday has played a crucial role in shaping the presidential race. In the 2020 Democratic primary, Super Tuesday was particularly significant as it solidified Joe Biden’s front-runner status after he won a majority of delegates on that day.

Impact of Super Tuesday

Super Tuesday can make or break a candidate’s campaign. A strong showing on this day can give a candidate momentum going forward, while a poor performance can signal the end of their presidential aspirations. Candidates often invest heavily in Super Tuesday states, campaigning extensively to win over voters.


Super Tuesday is a critical juncture in the presidential primary process, where candidates vie for delegates to secure their party’s nomination. It is a day that can shape the course of the entire election and has a lasting impact on the political landscape of the country.

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