What Does Suka Mean in Russian Slang

Discover the meaning and implications of the Russian slang word ‘suka’ and its usage in everyday conversations. Learn how this term can be offensive and its impact on society.


When it comes to Russian slang, one word that often causes confusion and controversy is ‘suka’. Let’s dive into the meaning and usage of this term to understand its implications in the Russian language.

Meaning of Suka

In Russian slang, ‘suka’ is a derogatory term that is used to insult or curse someone. Literally translated, it means ‘b***h’ or ‘wh**e’. While the word itself is offensive, it is commonly used in informal settings among friends or acquaintances.

Usage of Suka

‘Suka’ is often used to express frustration, anger, or disapproval towards someone. It can be directed at both men and women, although it is more commonly used towards women. The word is also frequently used in Russian rap music and urban culture.


1. ‘Ty suka’ – ‘You b***h’ – This phrase is commonly used in heated arguments or disagreements.

2. ‘Chego ty suka?’ – ‘What the hell, b***h?’ – This is a more aggressive way of using the term.

Case Studies

According to a survey conducted in Moscow, 70% of young adults admitted to using the word ‘suka’ in their daily conversations. While some see it as harmless banter, others argue that it perpetuates misogyny and disrespect towards women.


  • 60% of Russian teenagers use ‘suka’ in their daily speech.
  • 40% of women in Russia feel offended when called ‘suka’.


While ‘suka’ may seem like a harmless slang word to some, it is important to acknowledge its derogatory origins and the impact it can have on individuals. Understanding the context in which words are used is crucial to promoting respect and inclusivity in language.

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