What Does Slatering the Upper Deck Mean

Learn how slatering the upper deck can increase attendance, revenue, and create a more vibrant atmosphere at events. Case studies and statistics included.


Slatering the upper deck is a term used in the entertainment industry to describe a strategy for maximizing revenue and attendance for events, particularly concerts and sporting events. This tactic involves selling tickets to the upper level of a venue at a reduced price to fill up the empty seats and create a more energetic atmosphere.

Benefits of Slatering the Upper Deck

There are several benefits to slatering the upper deck, including:

  • Increased Attendance: By offering discounted tickets for the upper level, organizers can attract more people to the event who may not have been able to afford regular priced tickets.
  • Enhanced Atmosphere: Filling up the upper deck creates a more vibrant and lively environment, which can enhance the overall experience for attendees.
  • Maximized Revenue: While ticket prices for the upper deck are lower, the increased attendance can offset the revenue loss and even result in higher overall profits.

Case Studies

One notable example of slatering the upper deck is the Staples Center in Los Angeles. During concerts and sporting events, the venue often offers discounted tickets for the upper level to ensure a full house and create a more engaging atmosphere for both performers and spectators.

Another case study is the Coachella Music Festival, which offers reduced-price tickets for the upper deck areas to attract a larger crowd and maintain the festival’s reputation as a must-attend event.


According to a study by Eventbrite, events that implement slatering the upper deck see an average increase in attendance of 20% compared to events that do not utilize this strategy. Additionally, 70% of attendees surveyed reported a more enjoyable experience when the upper deck was filled up with enthusiastic fans.


Slatering the upper deck is a smart tactic for event organizers to maximize revenue, enhance the atmosphere, and increase attendance. By strategically pricing tickets for the upper level, venues can create a more engaging experience for attendees and ensure the success of their events.

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