What Does Seldom Mean?

Discover the true definition of seldom and its implications on various aspects of life. Learn why seldom occurrences can have a significant impact on outcomes.

Understanding the Meaning of Seldom

Have you ever heard someone mention that they rarely do something or that something happens hardly ever? They might be using the word ‘seldom.’ But what does seldom really mean?

Defining Seldom

Seldom is an adverb that indicates something that happens infrequently or rarely. It is the opposite of frequently or often. When something occurs seldom, it means that it does not happen regularly or consistently.

Examples of Seldom

  • Mark seldom goes to the gym because he prefers to exercise outdoors.
  • Ingrid and her family seldom eat out at restaurants; they prefer to cook at home.
  • Carla finds that her phone calls from her old friends have become more and more seldom over the years.

Case Studies on Seldom

A study conducted by a research group found that people who engage in physical activity seldom have a higher risk of developing health issues such as diabetes and heart disease. This highlights the importance of regular exercise and the negative effects of seldom physical activity.

Statistics on Seldom

A survey conducted on workplace productivity revealed that employees who check their emails only seldom throughout the day tend to be more focused and productive compared to those who check their emails frequently. This shows the impact of reducing the frequency of certain activities on overall efficiency.


Understanding the meaning of seldom can help us make better decisions in various aspects of our lives. By recognizing when something happens rarely or infrequently, we can address any potential issues and make necessary changes to improve our situations. So, the next time you hear the word seldom, remember that it signifies something that occurs only occasionally or hardly ever.

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