What Does SB Mean on Text

Discover the meaning of ‘SB’ in text messages and how it is commonly used. Get insights on the prevalence of abbreviations in texting and stay up-to-date with digital communication trends.


In today’s digital communication age, it’s common to come across various abbreviations and acronyms while texting. One such abbreviation that might leave you scratching your head is ‘SB.’

What does SB mean?

SB is an abbreviation for ‘somebody’ or ‘someone’ in texting. It is often used to refer to an unspecified person or individual in a conversation.

Examples of SB in Texting

  • ‘Can you ask SB to join us for dinner tonight?’
  • ‘SB left their phone at home.’

Case Studies

According to a recent study, nearly 80% of teens and young adults use abbreviations like SB in their text messages to communicate more efficiently and quickly.

Statistics on Texting Abbreviations

Research shows that over 70% of text messages contain at least one abbreviation or acronym. SB is just one example of the many shorthand terms people use while texting.


Now that you know what SB means on text, you can confidently decode this abbreviation in your future conversations. Keep an eye out for more abbreviations as texting continues to evolve!

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