What Does PTMFUS Mean?

Discover the meaning of PTMFUS and how it is used to address ignorance and stupidity in online conversations. Learn when to use this sarcastic acronym and its popularity on social media.

Understanding PTMFUS

PTMFUS is an acronym that stands for ‘Please Tell Me F*** You’re Stupid.’ It is used as a sarcastic response to someone who says or does something ignorant or foolish. The acronym is often used in online conversations or social media posts to convey frustration or disbelief at someone’s lack of intelligence or common sense.

Examples of PTMFUS in Action

Imagine you are discussing a serious topic with a friend, and they make a completely nonsensical or uninformed statement. You might respond with ‘PTMFUS’ to express your exasperation at their lack of understanding.

Case Studies

One famous case of the use of PTMFUS occurred during a live television debate when a politician made a blatantly false statement. The opponent responded with the acronym, sparking a viral reaction online and highlighting the power of using humor and sarcasm to call out ignorance.

Statistics on PTMFUS Usage

While there are no official statistics on the use of PTMFUS, a quick search on social media platforms reveals its popularity among internet users. Memes, gifs, and videos featuring the acronym have garnered thousands of likes and shares, indicating its widespread usage as a humorous and direct way to address ignorance.


In conclusion, PTMFUS is a sarcastic acronym that conveys frustration or disbelief at someone’s lack of intelligence. It is a humorous and direct way to call out ignorance and stupidity in online conversations. So next time you come across a ridiculous statement, feel free to respond with PTMFUS and let the sarcasm speak for itself.

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