What Does NGL Mean in a Text

Discover the meaning of NGL in texting and how it adds authenticity to conversations. Learn when and how to use this common acronym to express your true feelings in a text message.

Understanding NGL in Texting

When it comes to texting lingo, NGL is a common acronym that might leave many people scratching their heads. So, what does NGL mean in a text? Let’s delve deeper into its meaning and usage.

Definition of NGL

NGL stands for ‘Not Gonna Lie.’ It is often used to preface a statement where the sender wants to be honest or candid about their thoughts or emotions. NGL is typically used to show sincerity or authenticity in a conversation.

Examples of NGL in Context

  • “NGL, that movie was amazing!”
  • “I’m NGL, I’m really excited for the concert.”
  • “NGL, I’m not a fan of that new restaurant.”

Case Studies on NGL Usage

According to a recent study on texting habits, NGL is commonly used by millennials and Gen Z individuals to express their true feelings in a concise and informal manner. It helps to add sincerity and authenticity to their messages, making the communication more genuine.

Statistics on NGL in Texting

A survey conducted on social media platforms revealed that NGL is one of the most popular texting acronyms used today. It has gained widespread popularity among users who value honesty and openness in their conversations.


In conclusion, NGL is a simple yet powerful acronym that adds authenticity and candor to text messages. Whether you’re expressing excitement, disappointment, or any other emotion, using NGL can help you convey your true feelings in a clear and straightforward manner.

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