What Does NB Mean

Discover the meaning of NB and how it is used to emphasize important points in communication. Learn when to use NB and its significance in various contexts.

Introduction to NB

Have you ever come across the abbreviation NB and wondered what it means? This article will explore the meaning of NB and how it is used in various contexts.

Understanding NB

NB stands for ‘nota bene,’ a Latin phrase that translates to ‘note well’ in English. It is used to draw attention to something important or significant in a text or conversation.

Usage of NB

1. In written text: NB is often used to indicate a point of interest or a clarification in written documents. For example, ‘NB: The deadline for submission is July 1st.’

2. In spoken language: NB can be verbally mentioned to emphasize a key point in a conversation. For instance, ‘NB: We must remember to bring our passports for the trip.’

Examples of NB in Action

1. A student reading through their assignment guidelines notices an NB reminding them to include a bibliography for proper citation.

2. During a presentation, the speaker highlights an NB to ensure the audience pays attention to a crucial statistic displayed on the screen.

Case Studies on NB

1. Company Memo: An employee receives a memo from their supervisor with the instruction ‘NB: All staff must attend the upcoming training session.’

2. Legal Document: A lawyer reviews a contract where an NB clause specifies the terms of termination for both parties involved.

Statistics on NB Usage

According to a survey of business professionals, 85% of respondents use NB in their written communications to indicate important details.


Now that you know what NB means, you can better understand its significance in written and spoken communication. So next time you see NB, remember to take note of the crucial information being highlighted!

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