What Does Kriola Mean

Discover the meaning of kriola, a term used to describe women of Cape Verdean descent. Explore its cultural significance and how it is embraced in fashion and beauty. Learn about kriola empowerment.


Kriola is a term that has gained popularity in recent years, especially in the realm of fashion and beauty. But what does kriola actually mean and where does it come from? In this article, we will explore the origins of the term kriola, its cultural significance, and how it has been embraced in various industries.

What is Kriola?

Kriola is a term used to describe women of Cape Verdean descent. Cape Verde is an island country off the coast of West Africa, with a rich history of colonization and cultural exchange. The term kriola is a blend of Portuguese and African influences, reflecting the diverse heritage of Cape Verdeans.

Women who identify as kriola often take pride in their unique heritage and celebrate their cultural roots. Kriola women are known for their beauty, resilience, and confidence, making them an inspiration to many.

Cultural Significance

The term kriola goes beyond just a description of ethnic background – it embodies a sense of pride and identity. In Cape Verdean culture, being kriola is seen as a source of strength and unity, connecting people across generations and continents.

Kriola women are often seen as role models in their communities, representing the diversity and beauty of Cape Verdean heritage. Their confidence and grace inspire others to embrace their own cultural identities.

Kriola in Fashion and Beauty

In recent years, the term kriola has been embraced in the world of fashion and beauty, with many brands and designers celebrating the beauty of Cape Verdean women. Kriola-inspired fashion and beauty products often incorporate vibrant colors, bold patterns, and natural textures, reflecting the rich cultural heritage of Cape Verde.

Many kriola women have found success as models, influencers, and entrepreneurs in the fashion and beauty industry, using their platform to showcase their unique style and celebrate their heritage. By embracing their kriola identity, these women have become powerful ambassadors for Cape Verdean culture.

Examples of Kriola Empowerment

  • Valentina Sampaio: The first transgender model to appear on the cover of Vogue, Valentina Sampaio is a proud kriola woman who has broken barriers in the fashion industry.
  • Lala Akindoju: An award-winning Nigerian actress and kriola woman, Lala Akindoju uses her platform to advocate for gender equality and cultural diversity.


Kriola is more than just a term – it represents a strong sense of cultural pride and identity. Women who identify as kriola are an inspiration to many, embodying the beauty, resilience, and diversity of Cape Verdean heritage. By celebrating their kriola identity, these women are not only empowering themselves but also inspiring others to embrace their own cultural roots.

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