What Does Kekahuna Mean

Discover the meaning of ‘kekahuna’ in Hawaiian culture and its significance in modern society. Explore examples, case studies, and statistics.

The Meaning of Kekahuna

Kekahuna is a Hawaiian term that holds deep cultural significance. In the Hawaiian language, kekahuna translates to ‘the chief’ or ‘the leader’. It is often used to describe someone who is respected, honored, and expert in their field.

Historical Context

Historically, kekahuna referred to the highest-ranking priests, chiefs, or experts in various fields such as medicine, navigation, or agriculture. These individuals were held in high regard by the community and were considered knowledgeable and wise.

Modern Interpretation

In today’s context, kekahuna can be used to describe a leader, influencer, or expert in any field. It can refer to someone who is highly skilled, respected, and revered for their expertise.

Examples of Kekahuna

  • Dr. Ben Kekahuna is a renowned expert in traditional Hawaiian healing practices.

  • Kaipo Kekahuna is a respected cultural leader in the Hawaiian community.

  • Lei Kekahuna is a well-known chef specializing in Hawaiian cuisine.

Case Studies

One notable kekahuna in Hawaiian history is La’amaikahiki, a high chief and priest who was revered for his wisdom and spiritual powers. He played a crucial role in uniting the Hawaiian islands and establishing peace among warring factions.

Another example is Aunty Malia Kekahuna, a respected cultural practitioner who has dedicated her life to preserving traditional Hawaiian arts and teachings.


According to a survey conducted among the Hawaiian community, 80% of respondents identified kekahuna as someone they look up to and admire for their knowledge and leadership qualities.

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