What Does JAMS Stand For?

Discover the meaning of JAMS and how it can help resolve disputes outside of the courtroom. Learn about the success of JAMS through examples, case studies, and statistics.


JAMS is a term that is commonly used in various contexts, but what does JAMS stand for exactly? Let’s explore the meaning and significance of JAMS in different fields.

Justice Arbitration Mediation Services (JAMS)

JAMS stands for Justice Arbitration Mediation Services, which is a prominent provider of alternative dispute resolution (ADR) services. Established in 1979, JAMS offers mediation, arbitration, and other ADR services to help parties resolve disputes outside of the courtroom.

Examples of JAMS in Action

For instance, a company facing a contractual dispute with another business may choose to use JAMS to mediate a resolution rather than going through a lengthy and costly court battle. By using JAMS services, both parties can save time, money, and resources while reaching a mutually agreeable solution.

Case Studies

In a case study conducted by JAMS, it was found that companies that opted for mediation through JAMS were able to resolve their disputes in a fraction of the time compared to traditional litigation. This resulted in significant cost savings and improved relationships between the parties involved.

Statistics on JAMS

According to a report by JAMS, over 90% of cases that are resolved through their services result in a settlement agreement. This high success rate is attributed to the expertise and experience of JAMS mediators and arbitrators who help facilitate productive discussions and negotiations.


In conclusion, JAMS stands for Justice Arbitration Mediation Services, a leading provider of ADR services that help parties resolve disputes effectively and efficiently. By choosing JAMS, individuals and businesses can benefit from a faster, more cost-effective, and mutually satisfactory resolution to their conflicts.

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