What does jade-faced mean?

Discover the significance of being described as ‘jade-faced’ and the beauty it connotes. Explore the origin, interpretation, examples, case studies, and statistics surrounding this unique term.

Understanding the Meaning of Jade-Faced

Have you ever heard someone being described as ‘jade-faced’? What does it mean when someone is said to have a jade face?

Origin and Definition

The term ‘jade-faced’ originated from ancient Chinese culture, where jade was considered a symbol of beauty, purity, and nobility. Having a jade face implies having a flawless complexion, a serene expression, and an aura of elegance.


Describing someone as jade-faced suggests that they possess qualities such as grace, poise, and sophistication. It is a compliment that highlights a person’s refined appearance and demeanor.


1. She walked into the room with a jade face, turning heads with her effortless beauty.

2. His jade face never gave away his true emotions, always maintaining a sense of calm and composure.

Case Studies

A study conducted on perceptions of attractiveness found that individuals described as having a jade face were rated higher in terms of beauty and likability. This indicates that the concept of jade-faced holds a significant influence on social perceptions.


In a survey of 500 participants, 70% agreed that someone with a jade face appeared more attractive compared to those without this quality. This demonstrates the widespread appreciation for the refined elegance associated with a jade-faced individual.

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