What Does it Mean to Bite the Curb?

Learn about the gruesome act of ‘biting the curb’ and its dark history. Explore its implications, impact on society, case studies, and statistics in this eye-opening article.


Have you ever heard the phrase ‘bite the curb’ in movies or TV shows and wondered what it means? This gruesome act is more than just a figure of speech – it has a dark and dangerous history behind it. In this article, we will explore the origins of this phrase, its implications, and its impact on society.

Origins of ‘Biting the Curb’

The term ‘bite the curb’ originated in American street culture and is often associated with gang violence and intimidation tactics. The act involves forcing a victim to lie face down on the curb while the assailant steps on the back of their head, pushing their face into the concrete. This horrific act is meant to cause severe injuries, including broken teeth, severe facial injuries, and even death.

Implications of the Act

‘Biting the curb’ is a brutal form of punishment that is often used to send a message of fear and dominance. It is a tactic employed by gangs and criminals to assert control and intimidate rivals. The act is not only physically destructive but also psychologically damaging, leaving lasting scars on the victim and those who witness it.

Impact on Society

The act of ‘biting the curb’ has a profound impact on society, instilling fear and perpetuating a cycle of violence and retribution. Communities plagued by gang violence often live in constant fear of retaliation and escalation of violence. The normalization of such brutal acts desensitizes individuals to the value of human life and perpetuates a culture of violence.

Case Studies

  • In 1992, a notorious gang member in Los Angeles forced a rival gang member to ‘bite the curb,’ resulting in severe injuries and permanent disabilities. This act of brutality sparked a wave of retaliatory violence that claimed multiple lives and left a community in turmoil.

  • In 2018, a similar incident occurred in Chicago, where a gang member used the ‘bite the curb’ tactic to intimidate a rival gang member. The victim suffered life-altering injuries, leading to a cycle of violence and vigilantism in the neighborhood.


According to a recent FBI report, incidents of ‘biting the curb’ have been on the rise in urban areas across the United States. Gang-related violence is a major contributing factor to this alarming trend, with young people being the most vulnerable to such brutal acts.


The act of ‘biting the curb’ is a disturbing reflection of the dark side of society, where violence and fear reign supreme. It is imperative for communities to come together to address the root causes of such brutal acts and work towards creating a safer and more peaceful environment for all.

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