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Insegrevious: It is correct that during late 1969 and early 70's, comedian Gary Owens used your message "insegrevious" during segments of George Schlatter's "Laugh In" tv series after that airing on NBC. While Gary maybe was the initial person to utilize "insegrevous" on television, he don't produce the word but overheard it being used by Chuck Ferguson who had been utilising the word in his "Simon states" market warm-up program for Golden western Broadcasting. In reality, the term came about during a 1986 creative writing assignment at Moorpark College. The English teacher was Michael Strumpf and his course assignment would be to "... come up with a catch-all word which you can use for almost any element of speech and mean practically what you want to buy to suggest."Chuck nonetheless consistently make use of this word even now and has now been known to utilize it in a number of circumstances including law college exams, in operation proposals, loan and employment programs, job resume', business lectures and seminars, even though testifying in legal!? The meaning of the word is most suffering from the way in which where it really is communicated, e.g., other words that it is associated, tone and sound inflection, coupled with facial appearance and gestures.Noteworthy usually within the last few four decades, Chuck's utilization of the term is challenged just once! Girls title was Tammy and she ended up being 11 years old. by AndresReport definition
Nonsense word, mostly made use of as an adjective but meaning no matter what speaker desires it to imply. Created by renowned KMPC DJ Gary Owens when you look at the 60s. He used this, with a number of other individuals like "creeble" and "grelb," during his radio program, but not one had been since preferred as "insegrevious", which was shortly within the Funk & Wagnalls Dictionary (until they found out they'd already been duped). As a result offered increase on term "look that up inside Funk & Wagnalls", heard often on Laugh-In, where Gary was the hand-on-the-ear announcer when you look at the booth.others story about Chuck Ferguson and "Simon Says" is actually incorrect, as Laugh-In started in 1968 and "insegrevious" in addition to Funk & Wagnalls listing had currently taken place then. The "Simon Says" pilot don't take place until 1971. by Manual JusticeReport definition
Through the Batman tv series, 1967 episode "That Darn Catwoman" in which Commisioner Gordon keeps his desk phone around the Batphone to let Catwoman speak to Batman. Batman informs Catwoman: "Catwoman, we discover that be odious, abhorrent, and insegrevious." by JeffereyReport definition
regarding death and oranges. Etymology as yet not known. by Deedee TittleReport definition
No real meaning, only a slightly negative conotation. The phrase had been invented by twelfth grade teacher Brent Cirves in 1980 and from now on appears on 143 google searchs! by Lindsey CocklinReport definition
(adjective) : eliciting irritation or disgust.(Nonsense term invented in the sixties by TV comedian/announcer Gary Owens) by FerneReport definition
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