What Does Hexasexual Mean?

Learn about hexasexuality – attraction to six genders or gender identities. Explore implications, examples, case studies, and statistics in this comprehensive guide.


Hexasexuality is a term that has been gaining popularity in recent years, but what exactly does it mean? In this article, we will explore the definition of hexasexuality, discuss its implications, provide examples, and examine case studies and statistics related to this emerging identity.

What is Hexasexuality?

Hexasexuality refers to individuals who are attracted to six genders or gender identities. This includes but is not limited to cisgender men and women, transgender individuals, non-binary individuals, genderqueer individuals, and agender individuals. Hexasexual individuals may be attracted to any combination of these genders.

Implications of Hexasexuality

Identifying as hexasexual can have significant implications for individuals, including challenges related to societal norms, discrimination, and acceptance within the LGBTQ+ community. It can also provide a sense of empowerment and validation for individuals who have historically been marginalized or overlooked.

Examples of Hexasexuality

One example of hexasexuality might be an individual who is attracted to cisgender men and women, transgender women, and non-binary individuals. Another example could be someone who is attracted to agender individuals and genderqueer individuals. The possibilities are endless, as hexasexuality is a highly diverse and individualized identity.

Case Studies

Case studies have shown that hexasexual individuals may face unique challenges in navigating their identities and relationships. For example, some hexasexual individuals may struggle to find acceptance and understanding from partners who do not share their inclusive views on gender and sexuality.


While there is limited statistical data on hexasexuality specifically, research on the broader spectrum of sexuality and gender identity suggests that individuals who identify outside of traditional binary labels face higher rates of discrimination, mental health issues, and violence.


Overall, hexasexuality is a complex and multifaceted identity that challenges traditional notions of sexuality and gender. By exploring the definition of hexasexuality, discussing its implications, providing examples, and examining case studies and statistics, we can gain a better understanding of this emerging identity and the unique experiences of hexasexual individuals.

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