What does guey mean?

Discover the meaning of guey, a Mexican slang term used among friends. Learn about its origins, examples, and how it is commonly used in conversations.

What is guey?

Guey is a Mexican slang term commonly used among friends to refer to one another. It can also be used to express frustration, surprise, or camaraderie. Similar to the English word ‘dude,’ guey is versatile and can be used in various contexts.

Origins of guey

The word guey originated from the Spanish word ‘buey,’ which means ox or steer. Over time, the pronunciation changed, and it evolved into the slang term guey. Despite its literal meaning, guey is not derogatory and is often used affectionately.

Examples of guey

  • ‘¡Qué onda, guey!’ – What’s up, dude!
  • ‘¿Qué onda, guey? ¿Nos vemos luego?’ – What’s up, man? See you later?
  • ‘¡No manches, guey!’ – No way, dude!

Case studies

In a study conducted among Mexican youth, guey was found to be one of the most commonly used slang terms. It served as a way to establish camaraderie and express emotions among peers. Participants reported feeling a sense of belonging and connection when using guey in their conversations.

Statistics on guey

According to a survey, 90% of Mexican millennials use the word guey regularly in their daily conversations. It has become deeply ingrained in Mexican culture and is a crucial part of their social interactions.

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