What Does Gardening Leave Mean

Find out what gardening leave means and how it benefits both employers and employees during the notice period. Examples, case studies, and statistics included.


Gardening leave, also known as garden leave, is a term used to describe a situation when an employee is asked to stay away from work during their notice period. This period allows the employee to focus on finding a new job while still receiving their salary and benefits from their current employer.

Benefits of Gardening Leave

  • Time to find a new job
  • Salary and benefits continue
  • Avoids conflicts in the workplace

Examples of Gardening Leave

An employee in a high-level position may be placed on gardening leave to prevent them from potentially sharing sensitive information with a competitor. Another example could be during a merger or acquisition when there is a redundancy of roles.

Case Studies

Company X recently implemented gardening leave for one of their key executives who was leaving to join a competitor. This allowed the company to protect their confidential information while still honoring the executive’s contract.


A survey conducted by a leading HR organization found that 60% of companies have used gardening leave as a way to manage the exit of employees in sensitive roles.


Gardening leave provides a win-win situation for both employers and employees. It ensures a smooth transition while protecting the interests of the company and allowing the employee to focus on their next career move.

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