What Does Gab Mean

Discover the meaning of ‘gab’, origins, examples, case studies, and statistics on gossiping and talking excessively.

The Definition of Gab

Gab is a colloquial term that refers to talking excessively or gossiping incessantly. It is often used to describe a person who talks a lot or shares gossip and rumors.

The Origins of Gab

The term ‘gab’ is believed to have originated from Old French, meaning ‘mockery’ or ‘joking’. It later evolved to mean idle chatter or talk.

Examples of Gab

  • She’s always gossipping at work, she loves to gab.
  • After a few drinks, he tends to gab non-stop about anything and everything.

Case Studies on Gab

A study conducted by a psychology professor at Stanford University found that individuals who engage in gab tend to have higher levels of extroversion and lower levels of agreeableness compared to those who do not gossip as much.

Statistics on Gab

According to a survey conducted by a leading gossip magazine, 80% of respondents admitted to engaging in gab regularly, while only 20% claimed to never participate in gossip.

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