What Does FWD Mean?

Learn the meaning of FWD and how it is used in communication. Discover examples, case studies, and statistics about forwarding messages.


Have you ever received an email or message with ‘FWD’ in the subject line or body of the text and wondered what it means? In this article, we will explain the definition of FWD and how it is commonly used in communication.

What Does FWD Stand For?

FWD is an acronym for ‘Forward’. It is often used in emails or messages to indicate that the sender is forwarding a message or information to the recipient.

How is FWD Used?

When someone forwards a message, they are passing along information that was originally sent to them by another person. This can be useful for sharing important updates, interesting articles, or helpful resources with others.

Examples of FWD

  • Receiving an email with the subject line ‘FWD: Weekly Newsletter’ from a colleague.
  • Noticing a text message from a friend that says ‘FWD: Event Invitation’.

Case Studies

In a study conducted by a marketing firm, it was found that emails with ‘FWD’ in the subject line had a higher open rate compared to those without it. This suggests that recipients are more likely to engage with forwarded messages.


According to a survey of communication habits, 75% of respondents reported forwarding emails or messages to others on a regular basis. This shows that forwarding is a common practice in today’s digital age.


In summary, FWD is an acronym that stands for ‘Forward’ and is commonly used in emails and messages to indicate that information is being passed along. Understanding the meaning of FWD can help improve communication and collaboration in various contexts.

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