What Does Franchise Tag Mean in NFL

Learn about the franchise tag in the NFL, a tool used by teams to retain key players. Explore its impact on players and teams, with examples and statistics.


The franchise tag is a tool used by NFL teams to retain high-performing players who are set to become unrestricted free agents. This article will explore what the franchise tag means in the NFL and how it impacts players and teams.

What is a Franchise Tag?

The franchise tag allows a team to retain one player for the upcoming season by offering them a one-year contract that is the average of the top five salaries at their position or 120% of their previous year’s salary, whichever is higher.

Importance of Franchise Tag

The franchise tag is important for teams who want to keep key players but are unable to reach a long-term contract agreement. It allows them to retain the player for another season while negotiations continue.

Examples of Franchise Tags

  • Dallas Cowboys: In 2020, the Cowboys placed the franchise tag on quarterback Dak Prescott, keeping him with the team for another season.
  • Denver Broncos: The Broncos used the franchise tag on linebacker Von Miller in 2016, ensuring he would stay with the team for another year.

Impact on Players

While the franchise tag provides players with a guaranteed salary for the upcoming season, it can also limit their ability to seek long-term security through a multi-year contract. Players often view the tag as a temporary solution while they continue negotiations with their team.

Impact on Teams

For teams, the franchise tag can be a useful tool in retaining key players. However, it can also create tension with players who are seeking long-term contracts. Teams must carefully consider the financial implications of using the franchise tag and the potential impact on team chemistry.

Statistics on Franchise Tags

According to NFL data, the franchise tag has been used over 200 times since its inception in 1993. The most commonly tagged positions are quarterback, defensive end, and wide receiver.


The franchise tag is a valuable tool for NFL teams looking to retain key players, but it also comes with its challenges. Players and teams must navigate the complexities of the franchise tag to reach agreements that are mutually beneficial.

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