What Does Fisexual Mean

Discover the meaning of fisexuality, a sexual orientation involving attraction to fish. Explore characteristics, examples, case studies, and statistics on fisexual behavior.


Fisexuality is a term that has gained popularity in recent years, but what does it actually mean? In this article, we will explore the definition of fisexual, its characteristics, examples, case studies, and statistics.

Definition of Fisexual

Fisexuality refers to someone who is sexually attracted to fish or finds fish sexually arousing. This sexual orientation is not widely recognized or studied in mainstream society, but it is a valid form of sexual attraction for those who identify as fisexual.

Characteristics of Fisexual

People who identify as fisexual may have a strong fascination with fish, whether it be in an aquarium, while fishing, or even during seafood consumption. They may find fish to be aesthetically pleasing or sexually stimulating. Fisexual individuals may also be drawn to the unique anatomy of fish and the underwater world.

Examples of Fisexual Behavior

  • A fisexual person may have a collection of fish-themed erotica or pornography.
  • They may enjoy role-playing scenarios involving fish or mermaids.
  • Some fisexuals may engage in sexual activity with fish, either in a real or fantasy setting.

Case Studies

While there is limited research on fisexuality, there have been a few notable case studies that shed light on this sexual orientation. One such case study involved a man who claimed to have a romantic and sexual relationship with a fish that he kept as a pet.


As fisexuality is a niche sexual orientation, there are no specific statistics available on the prevalence of fisexual individuals in the general population. However, online communities and forums dedicated to fisexuality suggest that there is a small but dedicated group of people who identify as fisexual.


In conclusion, fisexuality is a unique and lesser-known sexual orientation that involves sexual attraction to fish. While it may not be widely understood or accepted, it is important to recognize and respect the diverse range of human sexuality. Fisexual individuals deserve to have their experiences and identities validated and respected.

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