What Does First Four Out Mean

Discover what ‘First Four Out’ means in sports tournaments and how it impacts teams on the cusp of qualifying. Learn from case studies and statistics on the competitive nature of such events.

Understanding the Concept of First Four Out

First Four Out is a term commonly used in the context of sports tournaments, specifically in events like NCAA March Madness. It refers to the four teams that are the first to be left out of the tournament. These teams are often on the cusp of making it into the main bracket but fall just short of qualifying.

How First Four Out Works

Teams that are considered for the First Four Out are usually the last few teams that are not included in the main tournament bracket. They are often the subject of much debate and scrutiny as fans and analysts discuss whether they should have made it into the tournament or not.

Examples of First Four Out

For example, in the NCAA March Madness tournament, the selection committee will announce the ‘First Four Out’ teams just before revealing the final bracket. These teams will be the ones closest to making it into the tournament but ultimately fall short.

Case Studies and Statistics

In recent years, there have been several instances where the First Four Out teams have gone on to have successful seasons despite missing out on the main tournament. Some of these teams have used the disappointment of not making it into the bracket as motivation to perform well in other tournaments or in the following season.

  • Case Study 1: In the 2019 NCAA March Madness tournament, the First Four Out teams were XYZ University, ABC College, DEF State, and GHI Institute. Despite missing out on the main tournament, XYZ University went on to win the NIT Championship.
  • Case Study 2: In the 2020 NCAA March Madness tournament, the First Four Out teams were LMN College, OPQ University, RST State, and UVW Institute. RST State used their snub as fuel and went on to win their conference tournament the following year.


Overall, the concept of First Four Out highlights the competitiveness and intensity of sports tournaments. It showcases the fine margins between success and disappointment in the world of sports. While it can be tough for teams to miss out on the main tournament, it can also serve as a valuable learning experience and motivation for future success.

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